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Does domestic football make money

2022-06-25 09:03NFL Football League
Summary: What is the most profitable sport now? How much can you make a yearIncome: US $42million project: football (1/4 guard of Indiana colt) age: 28 marital status: married birthplace: US residence: US grad
What is the most profitable sport now? How much can you make a year
Income: US $42million project: football (1/4 guard of Indiana colt) age: 28 marital status: married birthplace: US residence: US graduation school: University of Tennessee in March this year, Manning signed the highest transfer fee in the history of team sports - $34.5 millionWhy is football not popular in China
What about China? If you don't make money, who will invest in sports. Football is not an Olympic sport, so the country will not invest in it. If you want to develop rugby, you can only rely on personal funds for training and competition. You can imagine how difficult it isDoes football have a future
Many people have watched some NFL videos or explanations. They think that despite the popularity of basketball in China, football is the real second sport in the world&# 65532; This view is obviously one-sidedWhat are the prospects for the development of American football in China? What factors hinder the development of American football in China
In recent years, China's sports industry has developed rapidly in terms of scale, maintaining an average speed of more than 10%. However, compared with some foreign advanced countries, there is still a great distance, and the scale is about 40 times different. From the perspective of sports industrial structure, whether the sports goods manufacturing industry belongs to the sports industryHow should football develop
Conclusion there are many excellent sports in China. Rugby is indeed a very popular sport. Many people are not interested in rugby, because there is a big gap between the physical condition of domestic people and foreign people, so they are in the process of Does domestic football make moneyplaying with foreign playersFootball can hardly be seen in our country. Why
Football is a sport that neDoes domestic football make moneyeds great cooperation. The team must have strong collective combat ability. This is precisely one of the weaknesses of domestic sports. For example, Chinese football can well prove this. Training and competition require many venues. It is very difficult to build a standard football field in ChinaHello, everyone. I want to ask you, does American football make money? Does NBA make money? Football superstar and n
Football is a superstar with more than 30million dollars. The NBA's maximum salary will be a little less than it, but it's almost the same! NBA makes a lot of money around the world.. China has made a lot of money, but football only makes money in the American marketHello, everyone. Does American football make money? Why do so many Americans like it, such as football
Of course, a team can make tens of millions of dollars every quarter after deducting all expenses. Of course, good teams earn a lot. I think the Patriots made about 150 million dollars last year. Why do Americans like it? Because this is a sport that caters to American tastes, only the United States has American football in the worldCan China make money playing football
No moneyWhat is the survival status of domestic rugby players and teams
The survival of football players and teams has two aspects. The professional teams within the system and the spontaneous non-governmental organizations are first professional teams, that is, the teams of provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Some people live in comfort, while others struggle on the line of life and death to achieve success. The invincible Beijing Men's and women's team in China
Does domestic football make money

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