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Cool football ad by Holiday Madonna

2022-06-30 20:08NFL Football Download
Summary: Background music of football advertisement after Chongqing station's NBA broadcastHoliday Madonna... Files Deluxe Version NFL advertising >& gt; The last person inHis performance is to knock the
Background music of football advertisement after Chongqing station's NBA broadcast
Holiday Madonna
... Files Deluxe Version NFL advertising >& gt; The last person in
His performance is to knock the ball up with his foot and kick it in. It shows the speed of swinging legs, the strong balance ability and the high accuracy of kickingWhy do Americans like to watch advertisements between Super Bowl competitions
This is mainly because Americans love the Super Bowl too much. That's why I love the Super Bowl ads. However, the Super Bowl advertising is really great, so under the virtuous circle, the Super Bowl advertising has become another major feature. The super bowl is the name of a football game in the United StatesWhat is super bowl advertising
American football "super bowl" is the most concerned game in the world, and its commercial development is also the highest. It is cCool football ad  by Holiday Madonnaalled the golden bowl. The American professional football (NFL) Super Bowl finals, the No. 1 brand event in the American sports world, is equivalent to China's Spring Festival Gala in the U.S. ratings list. There is no such eventThis year's Super Bowl advertising is $7million per 30 seconds. Why is the cost so high
The advertising cost of the super bowl will be so expensive, which is inseparable from its huge mass base. The basis of super late movie viewing is equCool football ad  by Holiday Madonnaivalent to that of China's Spring Festival Gala. Super night can have so many people watching, on the one hand, because of the rise of American football culture, on the other hand, because of the super bowlWhat is the advertising slogan of New Zealand Football Team for adidas
We' re the All Blacks. This is our story of the Haka。Why are many good-looking advertisements abroad called super bowl? What Super Bowl ads
The Super Bowl refers to the American football game. It is the most popular game in the United States. It is hotter than NBA and baseball games. The advertisements broadcast in the live broadcast of this competition will take more effort to make, so the creativity of these advertisements will be very good, and many stars and celebrities will appearVideo about football, online, etc
This is a group of advertisements that Reebok used to do. The name is NFL fantasy. You should be looking at one of the group, but... A lot of computer technology is used here, some of which are not true, in order to achieve advertising effect. You can search the name NFL fantasy in Baidu videoWho knows about a Reebok advertisement, which is very long, about American football
On Youku, searching for fantasy football is not an advertisement of Reebok, but an advertisement of Yahoo's fantasy football
About NFL advertising
These videos are fake, and are completed through lens editing and some post-processing. These are well-known advertisements called fantasy files, which are translated into Kung Fu football in Chinese. They have been broadcast between Shanghai Sports and Guangdong sports live footCool football ad  by Holiday Madonnaball matches, and have also caused quite aCool football ad  by Holiday Madonna response. The video of Ronaldinho shooting at the post is also fake, too
Cool football ad by Holiday Madonna

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